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This over the head winter jacket is made from a durable PU coated more...
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1st Scruffs

Welcome to 1st Scruffs!

As an Authorised Scruffs Dealer we are dedicated to provide the best prices and top customer service for this outstanding range of Workwear and Safety Footwear.

Scruffs has been an outstanding success in the UK, outselling every other brand over the last two years.

If you’re on site or the shop floor, in a workshop or warehouse, in the garden or even at leisure why not look good on the job! Scruffs makes sure you do.


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Categories containing matches.

     Abrasive Wheel Arbors [2]
     Accessories [2]
     Air Accessories [1]
     Air Tools Spares [281]
     Automotive Workshop Tools [1000]
     Batteries and Chargers [3]
     Bulbs - Tubes, Halogen [4]
     Bulbs - Tubes, Other [12]
     Chisels - Bevel Edge [1]
     Chucks & Chuck Keys [1]
     Collets [2]
     Dust Extractor & Vacuum Cleaner Accessories [9]
     Engravers & Points [1]
     Fans [3]
     Hand Drills & Braces [1]
     Heat Guns [1]
     Heaters [1]
     Inspection Tools [1]
     Machine Tools - Accessories [7]
     Machine Tools - Spares(Excl.motor) [384]
     Multi Tool, Consumables [2]
     Multi Tool, Consumables [2]
     Nuts, Bolts & Washers [1]
     Pipe Cutters - Adjustable [1]
     Plasma Accessories [1]
     Plastic Floats [1]
     Pressure Washer Accessories [10]
     Pressure Washer Accessories [10]
     Pressure Washer Spares [208]
     Pressure Washer Spares [208]
     Roller Frames [1]
     Saws, E90 [4]
     Saws, Tenon Hard Point [3]
     Scrapers, Paint [1]
     Screwdrivers, Felo [1]
     Security Cabinets & Lockers [1]
     Spare Parts [10]
     Stud Extractors [4]
     Task - Site - Floorlights [1]
     Torque Wrenches - 1/2in Drive [1]
     Uncategorized [4671]
     Vacuum Accessories - Draper [9]
     Welding, Helmets & Lenzes [3]
     Welding, Liners [1]
     Welding, Shrouds [2]
     Welding/Battery Charger Spares [43]
     Wood Chisel Sets [2]

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